JROB Dugout News 4/15- 4/18/2019


Notes from Damita......

Thank you, Ms, Angela, Ms. Christina, Ms. Maritza, and Mr. Holden: While we are on Spring Break, it is also Administrative Professionals Week, aka Secretary's Week. We want to thank Ms. Angela and our Office Team for all the ways they support each of us so that we can perform our duties. Often times the secretary (and IOA) are the heart of the school site and our Office Team are the epitome of this, welcoming every parent, guest, and child that comes to the Main Office in a warm-demanding manner. Show them your heart this week and encourage your students to do the same! Thank you JROB Office Team you are the best!!!

Spring break is upon us...

A well deserved time to rest and spend time doing what you enjoy. I hope you use the time to do what brings you happiness. When we return from Spring Break, we will be in the final push of the school year. Time flies when you’re having fun! In looking at where we are and how far we have come, there is so much to be proud of. I hope that the "breathing space" that is created by the break will allow you to reflect, to "unplug" and to enjoy all of the "outside of work things" that bring you joy! Once again, thank you for all that you do for Robinson students and families on a daily basis. I am so proud to work with an amazing team that truly is excellent!

Testing Environment

This is a great time to start teaching or re-teaching students on how to behave during important tests. Students need to know rules regarding walking around, helping others (or not), what to do if done. Talk to your class about the importance of the test and how important it is to maintain a quiet environment.

"It Takes a Village" (or school in this case)...

As we enter the final push of the year, that means SBAC is near! As we did last year, every classroom will play an important part in Robinson's SBAC testing again this year. THE WEEK WE RETURN FROM SPRING BREAK (the week of 4/29-5/3), K-2 teachers are asked to have each student in their class write an encouraging note or picture to a partner 3-8th-grade class. Think about encouraging growth mindset quotes. You could give students a selection of quotes to choose from and copy/decorate for a 3rd-8th-grade student who will be taking SBAC. The "sky is the limit" here! Please plan to have your students deliver the finished product to the class on Thursday, May 2rd. What a great way to show all of our students that we are a TEAM!

The NEW LROIX Data Dashboard

Click on the link below to access the video that shows the features of the new LROIX data dashboard. this is the video that was shared at our staff meeting this week. The video goes fast, so I wanted you to have access to watch it as many times as you would like. Please feel free to see me with any questions. Please "play with the new dashboard" in the coming weeks in order to familiarize yourself with the new features.

Click the embedded link to view:


It's APRIL and its time for submission of RETENTION "RED FLAG LIST"

K-5 Teachers, please review the list placed in your box and highlight the students who are "MOST AT RISK" and in need of a parent conference in May for retention in 19-20.

Technology WOES.....Not trying to be NEGATIVE or DEBBIE DOWNER butttttt....

Mr. Xavier our school's Tech support spoke to be on Friday (4/12) about a classroom with 11 out of 14 Chromebooks that are not repairable. The students had popped off several key/buttons as well as some of the screens were cracked. THIS IS NOT OK!!!!! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!

To ensure that we are able to use/maximize the Chromebooks for several years we need to ensure that we are taking appropriate care. The care of the CHROMEBOOK is the sole responsibility of the classroom teacher as it relates to established protocols for use in the classroom with students.

The following should not be happening:

1. Chromebooks on the floor or on the seats/chairs.

2. Students walking up and down the stairs with Chromebooks in their hands and the Chromebook is open with the screen.

3. Chromebooks should not be carried by their screen.

4. Trading CHROMEBOOKS with another classroom.

5. Students should not have water or liquids when using the device.

6. Students should be eating while using the devices.

Again, The care of the CHROMEBOOK is the sole responsibility of the classroom teacher as it relates to established protocols for use in the classroom with students.


Please note there is NO BUDGET for REPLACEMENT of Chromebooks from the Superintendent's office or our site funds. Robinson does not have $2400 to replace these Chromebooks.


SBAC Schedule & Testing Information

Please read the email sent from Dr. Hosn with specifics for schedule and time blocks.

Testing/Ethics Meeting - May 1 (3rd - 8th Grade teachers) w/ Dr. Hosn

SBAC ELA: May 6 -10

SBAC MATH: May 13 -17

SBAC SCIENCE: May 20 - 24

SBAC MAKEUPS: 5/13, 5/20-24

Last day to give any IABS...April 18

SBAC countdown: "PROFICIENCY" is our only GOAL!!

CAASP Resources: Click the Embedded Link

April is Growth Mindset month at Jackie Robinson!

Go to the Community Kindness Classroom for GROWTH MINDSET CALENDAR

19-20....Inquiring Minds want to know...

What is the purpose of the assessment?

Summative vs Formative?

What could a "Literacy Profile" tell you vs a "Benchmark" for a students' literacy proficiency?.....

May 2, 2019....K-2 be ready for the discourse?

Last RAPID/CORE 5 Assessment - Due Date Information

  • The window is open from April 1st - June 15th.
  • There must be at least 6 weeks between the Winter and Spring Administration (the last day of Winter administration was March 2nd).
  • Kinder, 1st-grade and 2nd-grade teachers are not required to administer the optional comprehension portions of the RAPID Screener.
  • Ideally, all students will have completed the RAPID Screener before the final PD (April 30, May 1st, or May 2nd). We will look at the data together and this PD will be much more meaningful with 3 data points.

ST MATH/Jiji Weekly Progress: 4/8-4/12/2019

Big picture

Carnival Info Be Informed and Be Ready to Have Fun on Wed - 4/17

Submit all your classroom and grade level photos for this year's JROB Yearbook to the following Instagram account:


Please ensure you indicate your grade level or with the photos...NEED ALL PHOTOS BY APRIL 18!!!!


This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.