Holifield Happenings

February 10, 2014

Upcoming Events

February 11 (Tues) - Dr. Doug 9:30-10:30; Spirit Night @ CiCi's Pizza: 5-8pm

February 12 (Wed) - Social Studies Test; Black History Program 1:30-2:15

February 14 (Fri) - Valentine exchange (not required); Social Studies notebooks due (if test takes place on Wednesday)

February 17 (Mon) - Student Holiday has been cancelled. We will have a normal school day.

February 18 (Tues) - Parents' Biggest Loser Kickoff: Performer's Paradise 6:30

February 20 (Thurs) - Field Trip to Leaphart Elementary

February 24 - 28 Literacy Week (Book Fair)

February 26 (Wed) - Reading Picnic & Early Dimissal for students

February 27 (Thurs) - Riverbanks Readers & PTO Literacy Night (Camp Read S'more)

February 28 (Fri) - Book Parade

March 14 (Fri) - March Movie Madness (PBIS celebration)

March 18-19 (Tues/Wed) - PASS Writing

March 21 (Fri) - Baskets and Bingo night (PTO)

March 27 (Thurs) - Middleton Place field trip

Social Studies

Our Road to the Revolution assessment will take place on Wednesday or whatever day we are in school after that. :-) With the winter weather I am seeing in the forecast, I am a realist. It is possible that we won't actually be in school that day. However, just as we did with the Astronomy assessment, the children are responsible for being prepared. We will have a brief review before actually taking the assessment if we are delayed from taking it on Wednesday. I apologize in advance for the hassle of convincing your children that they need to study when there is snow on the ground!! Unfortunately, the PASS clock is ticking and we have to keep moving forward to make it through everything in Science and Social Studies before the beginning of May arrives.

Khan Academy

Class Code

After you sign your child up for Khan Academy, they can join our class using the class code below. I have one child in the "class" as of last night and I can already tell that I am going to love this website!! I am able to see everything that the child has worked on - nothing that I assigned, just her activity - and how she is doing with this.

As your children are registered with the website, I foresee having them use the netbooks in class to challenge them while I am working with small groups on other things. This will allow me to easily track their work and progress. :-)

Today, students that have already signed up with the website weren't able to remember their log on information. I have asked each child to record their username and password in their agenda in a place that can be easily accessed. If you would like to send the information to me, that is fine as well. I will keep the email in a special folder in my email to access only if your child needs it. However, I am not requiring that.

Class Code: 7ZWSB8