Fur Seals

By Sean Mariani


Imagine two male Fur Seals happily swimming around. Then, the month June comes and the friends become enemies fighting for territory. They fight each other till one wins and gets the land. The winner herds 40 females into his land. The loser finds territory and establishes it. He herds more than 60 females into his land! How will he know which one to chose? He will probably just know. Instead of using cream for itching, Fur Seals itch themselves with their flippers. Even though they are pretty melo, don't get close during mating season.

Body Parts

Fur seals have flippers to help them swim at high speeds. Their teeth help them gnaw through plants and fish. At birth Males weigh 12 pounds and females weigh 10 pounds. As adults, Males weigh 116-302 pounds and females weigh 66-103. They have big eyes to help them see. They could be a vicious hunter, but they prefer to be cute and cuddly.

The Life Cycle of a Fur Seal


When Fur Seals are pups they can't really do anythig. They reliy on their mother's milk for food. Even though they aren't useful, they are really cute. They can swim in shallow water.


Fur Seals are called Weaners when they are four months old. Even though the name sounds funny, this is a crucial part of the seal's life. They start swimming in deeper water in this stage


When they are a yearling they are 1-2 years old. They can start to eat fish and not drink milk from their mother. They can roam and play in places where parents can supervise


When Fur Seals are 2-3 years old they are classified as Subadults. They are almost ready to be on their own. They have learned valuble skills that will help them in Adulthood. They are waiting paitently to be adults.


When Fur Seals are 3 years and older they are adults. They can roam the entire ocean if they wanted. They are really happy to be away from their mom. In just 3 years they are adults!! That is crazy!! Wouldn't you want to be free like them at 3 years old?

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Fur Seal Pups in rehab

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Fur seal mother getting ready to feed her pup

Playful Antarctic Fur Seal Pups

The Heavyweight vs the Underdog

Some people think male and fur seals are the same, but actually, they are not.


Male fur seals tend to be heavier than females. Males are 116-302 pounds while females are 66-103 pounds. Males are 4.5 times heavier than the light female. Even though Males are tougher, females are more important.


Males are the heavyweight and the longest. They are 12 inches at birth compared to the female who is 10 inches at birth. Males are 30-40% longer than females. In adulthood, Males are 6-7 feet long and females are 4-5 feet long. I like that the more tough males are heavier and longer than females.

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Male and female fur seals standing together

Putting the Flipper down

You hear a baby fur seal cry. You walk over and see a man shooting a pup with a rifle. What should you do? You should walk over and take the gun from the man. This is becoming a huge issue. We kill fur seals for their: Fur, pelts, and oil. Still after we put the flipper down, 20 countries shipped each other 16,394,641 skins of fur seals. The biggest contributer was Norway, who shipped the other countries 10,042,654 skins. Would you kill a fur seal?

So, we put the flipper down and passed a law saying it was illeagal to kill a fur seal. When the countries did this, we made harsher consequences, so now if you kill a fur seal, get ready for court because you are going to be arrested. The Marine Mammal Protection Act is what the law was called. Even though it was passed in 1972, people still hunt them. Why are we killing these cute animals?

The Marine Mammal Protection Act

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Too much Cuteness!!!

Sploosh! You dive into the ocean. you look around and see the cute faces of fur seals staring at you. Wait, which one is which? If you see a light brown one it is a brown fur seal and a dark brown one is Northern one. The one with no fur and is silky is a Galapagos fur seal. Cape fur seals are known for eating sharks! Antarctic fur seals are seen occasionally with their heavy fur. There is a fur seal named the Juan Fernandez. Isn't that a funny name? South American fur seals are seen off the coast of Brazil and Colombia. The New Zealand fur seal lives on their enemies turf, the shark. All of the Fur seals names come from where they live. The name "seal" comes from a foreign countrie's language meaning "flap-footed."
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Two complety diffrent types of fur seals (New Zealand and Brown) making friends