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How to fix small breakdowns of plumbing

Pipes clogged, the tank is not filled, the toilet leaking... are issues and problems that we cannot solve without resorting to a plumber. So get hold of emergency plumbing repair service to solve all these problems in your home.

If they are to make works in the bathroom and you have to change the drain... Although it is presumed to be a handyman in plumbing, very careful, because if distances and some earrings are not respected when installing new pipes, water can not be emptied or accumulate foul odors that come up by the sink, bathtub...

Install new pipes

To install horizontal piping it is necessary to comply with a slope of 3 cm per metre drain devices circuits and at all costs avoid the elbows, being better to install several little angle that one but of 90 °. For the circuit of drain in the basement of larger diameter is enough with a minimum slope of 1 cm per meter.

In addition to descent, must be taken into account that the downspouts and decrease of water must be made inside the housing to avoid freezing. Also do not use elbows recessed into the wall or ceiling, and if so, have registration with screw plugs to inspect and clean. Use PVC pipes.

And, also Many people strive to have a waterproof basement for your home. A waterproofed basement can prevent leaks, floods or any topic related to non-functional pumps or extraction systems. To avoid these problems, waterproofing of basement in your home is important.