Winfield Weekly

May 18-27, 2016


Wednesday, May 18

Weekly PD @ 8:20 am (Library)

Second Grade Field Trip (Vickrey, Morey, Bartochowski)

Thursday, May 19

Friday, May 20

Reading Committee meeting @ 8am

Grade Level Meetings @ 8:05 a.m. (Grade Leader Classroom)

Monday, May 23

School Improvement meeting @ 8am

Tuesday, May 24

Wednesday, May 25

Teacher Meeting @ 8:05 am (Library)

RtI Meetings (ALL DAY)

Thursday, May 26

Behavior RtI Meetings @ 1:00-3:00 pm

Friday, May 27

Grade Level Meetings @ 8:05 a.m. (Grade Leader Classroom)

Kindy 500

Notes and Other News...

  • Thursday, May 26th will be the last night that Chromebooks are sent home with students. This will allow the majority to be in the buildings on Friday, May 27th before the holiday weekend.
  • Please make sure you are spot checking your students Chrome browsing history. They should only be using their devices for school related activities. Please report anything suspicious to me. I am working on a form letter to send to parents when something fishy shows up.
  • Summer Packet Program details will be finalized this week.
  • Please push Read-a-Thon in your weekly newsletters.

Weekly To-Do's

  1. Continue to contact Parents for summer school. A reminder note is coming to you today that you can send after you have verbal confirmation.
  2. PRINT your STAR Star Annual Growth Reports (you will file in their cum file) and a Growth Report for yourself.
  3. Continue recording Parent Contacts on Google Form. Many have not been updated since early this fall.
  4. Submit your weekly newsletter via email (preferred).
  5. Learning Goals and Tracking Student Progress are embedded in your daily work. New teachers: speak with your mentors about this.