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No School Tuesday and Thursday

Relevant Academy will be closed Tuesday and Thursday, March 5th and 7th for ACT testing. There will be no Dale Carnegie class on March 5th but Carnegie class will be held March 7th. Feel free to contact the office with any questions.

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Scholarship Opportunity

Looking for a way to get money for college? Check out this list of scholarships available to high school students:

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Carnegie Corner

Are you struggling to keep up with your schedule? Do you have an upcoming test (ACT or Final) that has you preoccupied?

There is help! Mr. Carnegie put together a list of stress and worry principles and one of my favorites is "Live in Day Tight Compartments". In the book How To Stop Worrying and Start Living, Mr. Carnegie relates this to the doors of a submarine and being able to close off areas of your life to keep the everything from going under.

Many people attempt this principle, struggle with the day and seem to get behind. This is because there is more than just living for today, we also have to be prepared to follow a plan. Let's continue with the submarine example used in the book. Sailors plan and train for emergencies. They know who is responsible for monitoring situations, checking rooms and who should close certain doors at what times. In other words they become comfortable and confident in responding to pressure situations.

So, when you "Live in Day Tight Compartments", have a plan for the day and the next. The more prepared you are, the more confident you become. Greater confidence equals increased success.

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