rear wheel skewer lock

rear wheel skewer lock

Bike Testimonial - Raleigh USA XXIX 29"er Single Speed Mountain bicycle

Often easy is much better or at least more enjoyable. Riding a single speed, whether on the tracks or the road, is basic pleasure. Get on and pedal. It couldn't be any much easier. For single speed riding in the dirt the Raleigh UNITED STATE XXIX was made with this idea in mind. One gear and a rigid fork produce a rear wheel skewer lock that gets back to the basics of trails riding. Riding comes down to your physical fitness and riding skills, not the most up to date innovation.

The XXIX (which is roman characters for 29) is a 29" wheeled bike with a suspension fixed stiff fork. The wheels use Formula sealed bearing centers with the back being single speed specific. The construct is completed off with an Easton cockpit and Truvativ single speed GXP crank set.

Single speeding and 29" wheels go together like peanut butter and jam. 29" wheels hold there speed much better than a 26" and have even more traction. I've possessed a number of 29"er single speeds and the Raleigh is my favorite.

My grievance of very early 29"ers is that the slow-moving speed handling was like a school bus. The huge wheels create a lot of stability at speed so the quicker slow speed handling simply improves the overall trip.

The Raleigh USA XXIX is an awesome pinhead lock. For both trail riding and winter commuting, I've found it to be a bike that rides well above it's rate range.

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