Sled Race... WITH NO SNOW?

Naked Ground Sledding


In Alaska on March 2nd, it was a nice, warm day. Perfect for a sled dog race, right? Wrong. But was the bare ground going to stop the iditarod racers? Oh no it wasn't! We'll show you how they pushed on ahead!

In Nome, Alaska on January 27th, they hit a record of 51 degrees! 40 degrees above the average Alaskan temp. The mushers, the sporting dogs were scared and confused about the strange weather. But back to the tempurature... that'd mean the snow melted, right? Exactly. So how were they supposed to carry on with the race?

They had to re-route the race to a "snowier" trail. You wouldn't think it was that bad but just a reminder, the racers have been practicing for a long time on the melted route