Home design of the Future

Peytons science cpt

Sustainable Ecosystems

1. I would create a green enviorment around my home by growing vegtables in my back yard. My home would be located in the Tundra I would locate it there for because it is a nice lovely area to locate a home where you could have tons of space with a great view, the only down side is you will have a lot of snow.

2. I would grow tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and peppers in my garden so I have fresh vegtables. I would use pesticides for safety reasons but I would block of my garden from any animal who tries to find himself a snack.

3. In my drive way I would park a new car that is electric so I don't have to buy so much gas but also because it is safer for the enviorment. Because the onzone layer is being broken down day after day because of pollution.

4.In my house I would include a recycling bin and a garbage so I can make sure that the right way gets in the right spot.

5. I would sponsor the panda at the zoo because it is nationally from china so it would cool to help an animal that is from somewhere else.

Atoms, Element,Compounds

1. Herbicides and insecticides is an item that is toxic the your pets it can be very dangerous for them. Household cleaning items can be toxic for everyone. The last chemical in my household is de icing it can be very dangerous for dongs or cats because they can step on it and it can ruin their paws.