Work Ethic Certificate

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What can the Work Ethic Certificate do for you?

The Work Ethic Certificate launched at Hobart High School in 2014. Students have had much success earning the credentials needed to graduate with a Work Ethic Certificate. WEC is the known acronym in the state. The WEC provides students with a formalized confirmation of their soft skills (responsibility, punctuality, teamwork, etc.) to post-secondary educational institutions and employers. For employers, the program provides them with a pipeline of workers with a proven work ethic, who understand the value and importance of responsibility and perseverance in the workplace. Employers provide incentives to students who receive the Work Ethic Certificate such as a guaranteed job interview and mentoring opportunities.
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The Governors Work Ethic Certificate

Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate is a critical secondary education program for high school graduates who are committed to delivering employer-recognized employability skills as they prepare to join today’s workforce.


For graduating seniors only;

The development and adoption of the community and employer-recognized Governor’s Work Ethic Certificate (GWEC) are critical to providing a pipeline of skilled high school graduates for today’s workforce. The employability skills recognized in the GWEC have been vetted by Hoosier employers, community-based organizations, and post-secondary education institutions and are designed to encourage students to meet the benchmarks that will assist them in their college or career goals.

The program is structured to connect employers to their local school district through a College and Career Readiness Advisory Council, comprised of local educators and employers, establishing a fundamental, collaborative partnership for this program and continued alignment between the business community and our education system.

2020-2021 Survey Results of Work Ethic Certificate

Students elect what their tentative plans are after high school. These results are of students who opted to participate in the Work Ethic Certificate program for the 2020-2021school year.
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2021-2022 Work Ethic Certificate

The 2021-2022 WEC will be introduced to students in all grade levels at the start of the new school year. Students complete a google form provided to them during their Power Hour and posted to Canvas. We encourage all students in each grade level to participate.

Students answer the following questions;

  • Graduation plan intentions
  1. 1-year certificate/technical certificate
  2. 2-year college degree/associates
  3. 4-year university/bachelors
  4. Apprenticeship/Trades
  5. Military
  6. Workforce only

  • Teacher selection
  1. Students are asked to list 4 teachers who can evaluate them on work ethic

  • Teachers evaluate students at the end of the school year on 4 categories
  1. Punctuality: The student is punctual in the completion of classroom assignments
  2. Organization: Students display strong personal and time management skills and flexibility skills.
  3. Respectfulness: Respects the rights of others and demonstrates them to fellow students, teachers, and administrators.
  4. Teamwork: Displays team/group cooperation with fellow students, teachers, and administrators

  • Community Service
  1. Students are required to meet a minimum of 6-8 community service hours during the school year. Hours should be posted to the student's transcript. (Guidance can assist with obtaining the proper forms)

  1. Only Seniors can qualify
  2. Must meet a minimum of 12 hours of community service hours
  3. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.0
  4. Must meet all requirements of the WEC

*The 2020-2021 WEC opened up to students at all grade levels, prior to this only 11th & 12th-grade students could qualify. Students now can earn the WEC each year they are in high school. *We encourage students to post the WEC to their digital portfolios and make mention of it on their resumes along with job applications.

*Data is collected on students based on school discipline and attendance.

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Work Ethic Certificate
Work Ethic Certificate

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