Colonies Upset Britian

The Colonial Times Newspaper Componay

The Surrender

Yesterday the 13 colonies got even closer to freedom the British surrendered all we have to do is sign a peace treaty. The Americans attacked the British at Yorktown and when they tried to run away the French stopped them Thank you French!.


The Americans had almost nobody with no experience, the complete opposite of the British. How did they win?

Reason they won

They just wanted it so bad. Have you ever heard the sane "You gotta want it!" never mind that is in the future. But they did want it and that is why they won because they had heart fought there hearts out and wanted freedom badly.

Reason They Won

Even though they had heart they did have a great leader as well. George Washington knew how the British would react to attacks and other things he fought for them at one point kind of sneaky huh? It seemed that George Washington always knew what to do with the British and just outsmarted them.

Reason They Won

The counter attack! When it looked really bad for the colonist guess who came through? George Washington he said why are we attacking lets just defend our land they will get tired then we will get them when they are expecting it the least.

Reason They Won

Even though I said the Americans had heart they didn't at one point though. But Thomas Paine saved the day with the book "The Crisis" This book wanted the Americans to fight again reminded them how they could be free.

Reason They Won

Even though colonist were not the kindest to African-Americans at points. They somehow got them to fight in the war which increased there numbers significantly. The African-Americans thought they would be free after that because of Deceleration of Independence, but that was only for white men which some noticed that and fought for British.

Reason They Won

This one is very simple. The colonist just flat out knew the land better. They hid in forest and used the hit and run tactic that had them use the land to there advantage.

Reason They Won

The French were a big help! They had brought in so much more people to kind of even out the numbers of British and they were trained! This way this gave them a big leg up on British.