Finishing in First

Ms. Drickey's Class

March 11, 2016

American Symbols and Landmarks

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The students are researching national symbols and landmarks using videos, printed text, websites, interactive tours and more. The students were able to pick their favorite national symbol or landmark and partner up for this project. Each group was able to pick how they will present their information to the class. One group will be doing a puppet show to present their topic. One group will be creating a model, and another will be dressing up to tell about their topic reader's theater style. The fourth group is using pictures and drawings to create a poster presentation. They are all so creative and have such great ideas.

Upcoming Events

March 14 - Picture Day (free dress)

March 16 - Field Trip

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day Party

March 18 - Conferences (non-academic day)