Automotive Technician

Anthony Chevez

What it is!

mechanics is working with anything that has wheels and an engine, their are multiple different classes of being an automotive technician-

Some Examples are

  • Automotive
  • Diesel
  • Sport
  • Motorcycle
  • Marine(boats)

Requirements and Salary

There are tons of things you may need in this field of work if you want to be big in this career, or it can take a little as just a high school diploma to have a job right out of school, but to start off in a dealership you need:

  • High School diploma
training of any sorts this could be schooling or many years of experience in this field.


automotive technicians can make from a range of $27,022-$46,019 this is just strictly automotive not diesel or sport cars cars that can make a difference in pay

Henery "smokey" Yunick

  • NASCAR mechanic and car designer for motorsports
  • NASCAR mechanic two years in a row
  • his life
  • why I chose him


  • who
  • relationship

Work ethics

  • what are needed
  • what are mine


i really liked this project it showed me how much and why I want this as my career and it answered some questions that i had before