My Digital Footprint

By: Marlin Quevedo

What a Digital Footprint is and why it's important

A digital footprint is something someone posts online in which you cannot take it back. It stays there. Usually if someone posts something good like encouraging the teams at Leyden, they would most likely get noticed by colleges and so much more but if someone posts something bad then it would be harder for some colleges to notice you It can also impact your education and how people see you. Some good example are posting good things about your school or asking if anybody needs help studying, etc. Some bad examples are posting bad things about your school, bullying other people through social media, etc.

What my Digital Footprint consists of

My digital Footprint consists of Facebook, Snap chat, and some of Twitter. On Facebook I don't post much but I get tagged on many things by my family like going to the movies or going out to dinner. It would not look bad if people from colleges saw because it shows that I love spending time with my family. On Snap chat I post very often, but if I do post I post about what I did over the weekend. As for Twitter I rarely go on. I posted about two things and it was encouraging people to see the High School Musical play and I posted a picture of the career fair. This is saying that usually on Twitter I post about different events at school. I have a private account on Facebook so only friends and family can see my photos and posts. I am friends with people I know. I do not accept friend requests from people I do not know.

The impact on my Digital Footprint

I rarely have things on my accounts. It could affect me if colleges want to see things about me so I will make sure to put more things on. I have not posted anything bad so it is not harmful. If you post something bad like making fun of somebody by their looks then colleges and or professors will then not be impressed but if you post something good such as posting about nice things.

How I can improve my Digital Footprint

To improve my online identity I could post more such as

  • attending different sport games
  • post inspirational quotes or pictures.
  • ask people If they need help on a specific subject so I can help them

What I learned on keeping a positive footprint

I've learned

  • that if you keep your digital footprint clean you can get good things back instead of bad
  • You should always keep your digital footprint clean
  • You can keep it clean by never posting something you will regret
  • never cyber bully anybody
  • always post positive things about yourself and others.