POHW After Poster

By: Rajan Das gutpa

1) Hollis' Outlook on Life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be part of the Regan family.

Direct Quote: But when I think of my W picture, mostly I think of the Regans' house in Branches. I think of the Old Man, Izzy, and their son, Steven. All they needed to match my picture was a girl, G.

Page #: 3

2) Hollis Changes from Mean to NIce.

Hollis feelings changed a little. She was mean to the Mustard women because the mustard wants Hollis to leave Josie, but now she is with the Regans. She feels better.

Direct Quote: "Hollis" says Josie " You saved my life." Maybe she doesn't know why, but she still says it, and I always tell her it was the other way around

Page#: 165

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3) The Old man's and Steven's relationship change

Steven and Old man are fighting more since last year since Hollis came in there life, or at least that's what Izzy says.

Direct Quote: Izzy grinned at me "It does seem worse this summer" she said.

Page#: 69

4) Hollis's Feelings Change About Josie

Hollis Feels that Josie is nice and that Hollis will take care of Josie. So Hollis stays with Josie.

Direct Quote: "I will take care of her" I whispered. Somehow, I said in my head.

page#: 58

5) Holls's feelings change on herself

Hollis thinks that she cam into the Regan's family. That she messed the family up. Such as she went up the mountain Steven went to get her and they both ended up in a car crash.

Direct quote: I messed up the whole family

page#: 136

6) The Regan's Feelings About Hollis

The Regan's are a very nice family and they all like Hollis. When the Regan's first met Hollis they really didn't know her but than the Regan's started to have a relationship. So they adopted her.

Direct Quote: "She belongs here" Izzy said "Steven feels it too"

Page#: 70

7) Beatrice's Worries About Josie.

Beatrice worries about Josie when she leaves. Beatrice is Josie's cousin and lifetime best friend so that is an excuse why to worry about her. She even considered not going because of Josie

Direct Quote: Beatrice leaned over. "Take care of her," she whispered.

Page#: 57