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Issue 12 - 15th November 2019

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Christmas Tree Lighting 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As the week draws to a close, it is time to reflect on what has been a very busy period.

Firstly, both Aidan and myself were at the FOBISIA Leaders Conference last weekend, which was held in Macau. Over 55 top international schools were in attendance, where some wonderful keynote speakers and workshops ensured that this was a great learning experience, and provided plenty of opportunity to view the best current practice and pedagogy, essential for continual school improvement. I was particularly enamored with Baroness Susan Greenfield's keynote seminar 'Mind Change: How 21st Century Technology is Changing the Way We Think, Feel and Learn.' This focused on the digital revolution of the last five years, and how this has had an impact on learning and the learner...very insightful, and further emphasised the need for a balanced approach to teaching and learning.

Year 4 students have had a tremendous time in Camp Taiwan, and having spoken to some of the children, they are already counting down to next years trip. It is important for children to have a wide variety of opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, skills essential for success, in this ever changing world.

This week, we have also been visited by two assessors, as part of the Council of International Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation process. This is a rigorous process which ensures that schools provide the best service and learning experience possible, also enabling access to some of the best professional development opportunities, which directly feeds into success. As part of this process, all stakeholders have been involved, to ensure a true reflection of TES is made, I would like to thank all who have been a part of this.

Another highlight of the week has been the Year 2 assembly, around the theme of health, fitness and hygiene, particularly relevant at present! Great work all, for what was a great event!

Finally, I must mention the hard work of the parents, teachers and students for making the 2019 Christmas Tree Lighting a memorable event! This would not have been possible without your dedication - again, making this school so special! I just hope that Father Christmas agrees that I have been a particularly good boy this year......my stocking will be hanging up by the fireplace in anticipation!

Best wishes,

Luke Chaeter

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TES Academic Calendar 2019-2020

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Parent Workshop Schedule 2019-2020 Term 1

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Did you hear about... - by Miss Hilary Trehern

A gruffalo who smells of lemon soap and roses?

A highway rat who rethinks his food choices?

A dragon who learns to use his brain by never giving up?

A broomfull of fit and fabulous animals and a very stylish witch!

Yes, it can only be the Year 2 Show - a show based on the humorous books of Julia Donaldson with the added twist of our Year 2 Fit and Fabulous topic. Through colourful rhymes, we heard about the need for hygiene, healthy food, how the brain works and the need for exercise, finishing with a rousing song to help us remember all we've learnt. Year 2 children embraced practices, rehearsal and show with such enthusiasm and excitement; sharing ideas, encouraging each other and growing into their respective roles. A huge well done to everyone for working so hard and a special thank you to our parents for making such amazing props and costumes, for helping learn lines and for joining in with all the excitement. A poem just for you...

A show is not just for the day,

But for all the effort along the way.

The learning of lines, the costumes, the props,

From first seeing the script till the curtain drops,

From faltering sentences till confidence soars, '

We thank you all with heartfelt applause.

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Toucheng Rice Farm - by Mr Chris Bonnet

As part of our Topic on rice, the Year 3 children went on a trip to Toucheng Farm in Yilan. B3.2 and B3.3 went on Tuesday and the remaining two classes went on Thursday. The children enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the bus journey down and were greeted by two very knowledgeable guides. The guides quickly got the children dressed into traditional farmer clothes and it was off to the rice paddy to plant some rice plants. There were a few shrieks and screams as the children took their first steps into the muddy field, but soon the children were happy playing and planting in the mud. Despite the different weather conditions on both days, everyone had a wonderful time.

After our rice planting experience, the children enjoyed some lunch and the opportunity to play with friends and reflect on the morning activities. We then spent the afternoon making radish cake and crafting ropes out of straw. The children asked thoughtful questions throughout and began to recognise the hard work it takes to make just one bowl of rice. Thank you to all our parents who volunteered to help us on this fantastic trip.

Year 4 Camp Taiwan - by Ms Elizabeth Bottomley-Chang

The Year 4 students had an exciting start to the week with their residential trip to Camp Taiwan.

All classes visited the camp for an overnight stay and challenged themselves with a range of activities including the giant swing, river tracing, climbing and archery. They also learned more about what species of flora and fauna can be found in the mountains of Taiwan through an ecology activity.

When night fell, the children played games with the councilors and teachers from TES and toasted marshmallow on the campfire with which they made scrumptious s'mores.

Both groups were blessed with sunshine and blue skies and returned to school exhausted but a little bit more adventurous, after their overnight stay away from home.

New Playgroup Equipment - by students

It was fantastic to see how much the children have taken to using our new playground equipment that was introduced this week alongside the new student mediators. Here are just a few quotes from the children themselves:

Giant Chess

'This is a great game because many people can watch and play' - Watson, B6.3

Jumping Rope

'We can have more fun train muscles. Put them together and more people can play' - Doreen, B5.1

Sling Ball

'It's a really fun game, and my friends all like it cause it includes stepping on something and catching the ball.' - Annabel, Ella, Olivia, Allison and Selma, B6.4

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Playground Equipment Supervisors (Project Playground Mediators Stage 1) - by Ms Jeni Wong

As part of our drive to empower students into roles of responsibility and providing leadership opportunities, this week we saw the start of the Playground Supervisors in action.

These are a group of children representing the tri-section who have undergone initial training and are now active on the playgrounds supporting the teachers on duty with the supervision of playground equipment. They are not there to clear up after students but rather act as monitors to ensure the equipment is distributed fairly to children and help with organising the equipment after use. Plans are being made for the playground supervisors to receive further training to develop skills to support children on the playground with minor conflicts and hopefully meet the next stage of their programme to ‘Pre-Mediator Level’. Thank you to all the staff that shared their opinions and review of the week as well as the supervisors who have taken their roles seriously and recorded incidents. We are making adjustments to the programme and training to improve the fun of playtimes for all. A great effort from staff and children.

Ms Wong (Team Mediators):

So great to see students excited to get the equipment out. Younger ones loved skipping ropes and pom poms. Some misuse of hoala hoops and ropes (ropes being used to tie onto structures and pull themselves up, so further educating needed. I didn’t have any helpers on central playground. Great initiative.


One child that is usually in the library and not very sociable was excited to go and play with the board games and make friends . Staff Member

Playground supervisor:

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TISSA Football Tournament - by Mr Peter Poulton/ Mr Adam Lovrincevic/ Mr Greig Richardson/ Mr Corne Cortzee/ Mr Hartmann

Dear Parents,

Last Saturday TES hosted the major TISSA football tournament for U9 and U11 students. This wonderful event enabled all players to compete against other international schools from across Taiwan. We welcomed Morrison Academy Taipei, Morrison Academy Kaohsiung, Dominican International School Taipei, Dominican International School Kaohsiung and The American School Taichung.

Please see below for a match report from each coach.

U11 Blue Team

Saturday's football tournament started with a great deal of excitement, as the sun was shining and the Under 11 TES teams (Red and Blue) were to face off against each other first. As coach of the blue team, I was very proud of the way the players performed, both on and off the pitch. Their behaviour and sportsmanship was exemplary and they displayed terrific skills and teamwork, throughout the 8 matches.

Within the 6 group games, we won five and narrowly lost one. The playoff matches arrived and the excitement amongst the team was obvious! All players gave 100% effort, but unfortunately, we lost our two playoff matches and finished third overall, out of 7 teams.

Everyone had a great experience throughout the tournament.

Well done to the Under 11 blue team!

Mr Lovrincevic

U11 Red Team

TES Under 11’s had an action packed day of football on Saturday 9th October! TES hosted the annual TISSA football tournament with four visiting schools competing for the title. Games were 6 v 6 and each team played one another in a league format, followed by a final round of games to decide placings.

TES Under 11s (red) played an excellent tournament and showed great sportsmanship and commitment to their team. After playing all teams, they finished with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses. There were some excellent goals scored, and some incredible defending and tackling at times. Games were exciting to watch from the side, and it was a pleasure to coach the team. In the final round of games, TES Red were unable to secure one last win, and ended the day in 6th place. Regardless of the placing, the team had an amazing day of football and look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Mr Richardson

U9 Blue Team

The U9 blue team enjoyed a great day of football. Despite missing three of our strongest players, the team played with fantastic enthusiasm and worked hard in all 8 games. After the initial league phase the Blue Team had gained enough points to progress through to the playoff phase of the competition. Here we faced some tough teams, but I was very proud that all players stayed focused and played with determination.

At the end of the day, everyone on the Blue team was tired, but they all expressed their enjoyment in being a part of this event. Well done to all involved!

Mr Cortzee

U9 Red Team

Early on Saturday the U9 Red Team were very excited and looking forward to the day of football. After a warm-up and tactical discussion they were ready for their 8 matches of football. The tournament was split into two phases – an initial league phase and then the potential to enter the play-offs depending on placing during the league. The U9 Red teams were outstanding throughout all six games of the league. Playing with great teamwork, organization and determination they won every game, meaning they finished top of the league and went through to the cup playoff.

Unlike the other teams, the U9 Red Team did not have many substitute players and as such, they were very tired by the time they reached the cup matches. Although, they played with the same enthusiasm and determination, the lack of rotation meant that energy levels were low. Unfortunately, we lost our two playoff games and this meant we finished in 3rd place overall.

The Red Team can be very proud of their performance on Saturday and finishing in 3rd place is fantastic considering the lack of substitutes.

Well done Red Team!

Mr Hartmann

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Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter


Please ensure that you wear you identification so that it is visible at all times. It is essential that we know at all times who is on site. Do not be offended if you are challenged.

End of day, parent pick-up

We value all parents at TES, and pride ourselves on being a community. To ensure that all children and visitors on-site are safe, we request that you do not enter the school more than 15 minutes before picking up your children. This also ensures that in the event of an emergency, all can be evacuated safely and effectively.

Parent Teacher Meetings - By Mr Craig Gamble

On Friday, December 6th we will be holding the first of our two Parent - Teacher Meeting days. The second day will be on the Tuesday, December 10th and will give those parents unable to attend on Friday a chance to meet their child’s teachers to discuss their progress so far this academic year. You will receive a detailed letter that clearly outlines how to make a booking to meet your child's teachers from Ms Jessie Wu next Wednesday. The information below shows the dates and times of the parent teacher meeting days, as well as the days that the system is open for you to make bookings. We look forward to seeing you all over the two days.

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It is the most wonderful time of the year! - by Mrs Marlies Wouters

There is something about Christmas…..for everyone Christmas means something different and we all spent our Christmas holidays in our own way. Some will fly home and spent their time with family and friends and share experiences and food, and maybe some gifts as well.

Some book a holiday and make new family memories that will be shared within the family for years and years to come. Some stay here and celebrate it in the city with a lovely meal.

For others Christmas is a tree in the house with lights and for others they do not really do something about it. And this is all fine!

But what is true, is that Christmas is for sharing. In the early days in Europe, we had mid winter and families came together to share their food and company in the long dark and cold winter days. It was also to celebrate that they were half way through the winter and the warmer days would soon come back to them. The lights and the green from the tree they put in the house, reminded them of spring. They baked sweet pastry to fill the houses with lovely smells and to keep the kids happy too, with some sweets to eat.

In fact, those Christmas baking made everyone happy! A special treat in the middle of the winter just gave a little shine and sparkle to the people who needed a little bit of warmth. The smell of cinnamon or caramel and hot chocolat…who can resist? A little bit of love for all.

We can only encourage, even when Christmas is not really your “thing”, to do some baking. Make those cookies, bake that pie. Don’t be shy with butter and sugar, put in that extra bit of cinnamon!

And when your love pastry is done, SHARE! What is better than sharing a pie with friends or family? Or with the neighbor who might be alone? Share the warmth (and maybe the little pounds as well) and the love because this is what Christmas is. Sharing food is sharing love.

In this spirit please support our BP-PTA our Christmas bazaar stalls with your donations.

Sign in here:


Enjoy the season! After all…it is a special time.