January Newsletter

Specials Team


In January in Physical Education, students will start a basketball unit, practicing age-appropriate skills and games using basketballs.


In Health this month with Mrs. Karek we will start our unit on Nutrition. We will discuss nutritious foods and beverages. Identify the food groups and nutritious food choices from each. Identify the roles that nutrients play in a person's body and describe the benefits of eating a variety of nutritious foods.


Students will work on code.org .Whether it is solving a puzzle, or creating their own game, their thinking and coding skills are put to work.


PreK, kindergarten, first, and second grades are focusing this month on steady beat, movement, and drama (acting out stories and creating their own versions).

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students are beginning units on beat versus rhythm and exploring other instruments to play.


The Pre-K students will continue to work on their drawing skills for their projects. Kindergarteners, second graders, and third graders will work on projects that relate to the environment. Grades first, fourth, and fifth will make projects that tie with social studies topics learned in class.


In Media, K-2 continues to master coding Scratch Jr. Grades 3-5 will use Scratch to create projects to display the knowledge they researched on Civil Rights.