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About Pittstat Pharmacueticals

Pittstat Pharmacueticals is a national well-known, highly praised, reliable pharmaceutical company. Our main lab is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We develop, produce, and market various drugs to be used as forms of medications to treat various illnesses or disorders. We deal with a wide variety of drugs, both in generic and brand form.

NOW HIRING: Lab Statistician Position

Statisticians are one of the most important drug development project team members. They help plan the overall experimental strategy and how to execute it. Statisticians play an important role in the drug experimentation process leading to drug approval, particularly in determining the extent and complexity of the experiments and interpreting the results of those experiments. Statisticians are involved in the development of new drugs from the discovery of new drug chemicals through marketing approval and post-marketing surveillance for safety problems. Statisticians work with basic research scientists to help design experiments that reveal active chemicals for a specific targeted disease so they make the most efficient use of time and materials. They also help to ensure that the analyses of the data results lead to the accurate identification of active drug chemicals.

Statistician Positions: Positions are available and needed at our main lab in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Some positions may be available at our other locations in Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas, San Jose, California, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Education Requirements: differential and integral calculus, statistical methods, mathematical modeling, probability theory, linear algebra, design and analysis of experiments, applied multivariate analysis, and mathematical studies. also a Graduate Degree in Pharmacology

Pay Scale: Between $42,614 and $118,913, with last years median being $73,435