Stealing Addiction

by Liam Alejandre

The Stealing Addiction

The Stealing Addiction or Kleptomania Addiction is an impulse control disorder that results

in an irresistible urge to steal objects. It is rare,but it is uncurable,although treatment may help.

Stealing Addictions are severe because it can have negative consequences on your life and your future. People who have that addiction will steal objects that they like and keep them for a collection. For example,the woman below is a kleptomaniac in which she had stolen a pet.

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How to prevent kleptomania

There are many ways to prevent kleptomania. One way is to have a friend come with you every where you go and he or she will stop you from stealing and once you get into the habit of not stealing your addiction from kleptomania will go away unless of course your friend has kleptomania also. Another way is to tell a doctor or therapist that you have the kleptomania addiction and he/she will deal with your addiction.
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How does kleptomania work?

Kleptomania is not a disease or a drug that causes you to steal objects. It is an obsession. The only way to get it is to steal somethings and get away with it without getting caught. Then you'll start getting addicted and it doesn't matter anymore if you get caught for it, what matters is that you want it and you have to take it. That's what kleptomania runs on.
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What is the difference between stealing and robbing?

To rob someone is to force people to give you what you want while stealing is take random objects.


Remember to take treatment if you have a kleptomania addiction or have a friend take care of you and watch you.