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Bolivia are very small Bolivian's diets center on potatoes, usually severed with rice and noodles. Breakfasts in mostly just coffee and bread. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day a normal loved food in Bolivia is pique a lo macho . Bolivians enjoy spicy foods, they put a hot sauce on their food called llajua but their main diet is potatoes.


Bolivian's enjoy playing Football or Fu'tbol and playing soccer. Basket ball and volley ball are other popular sports in Bolivia. Bolivians also play a game called Marbles and spinning top also known as trompos. Bolivian children also enjoy jump rope and play clapping games or hopscotch.


Bolivia is a place of many climates like it is cold in the west and warmer in other places. Bolivia is home to two big mountain ranges called the Andes mountains. Bolivia is also made up of mountains, valleys and high plains. Bolivia is south of the equator with an average daily temperature of 46°F (8°C).


All Bolivians 6-14 have to go to a school. Some Bolivians do not understand anything at their schools because the lessons are learned in Spanish so kids were forced to learn Spanish. Most people in Bolivia live in the country side but most of the high schools are in the cities. Most people can no afford to go to school in the city because they are to busy at the farm with their parents. Many Bolivian are home schooled or can not go to school because their parents cant afford it.


The government of Bolivia give a free education for elementary schools. The president of Bolivia is Evo Morales. Presidential ships are different presidents serve 5 years. The President of Bolivia is in charge of all 9 of the states in Bolivia.

What To See

I would want to play on the salt flats and go fishing in lake Titicaca. I would love to see the beautiful view of La Paz the capital. I want to buy their famous chesses on the streets of Bolivia. I would also want to celebrate palm Sunday.

Fast Facts

Continent: South America

Capital: La Paz

Population: 10,800,882

Area: 424,164 square miles

Main Language: Quechua

Main Religion: Roman Catholics

Distance from capital to Washington DC: 829.62 miles


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