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Show and Tell

Students earned another class reward. They chose a show and tell day. When we were discussing what could and could not be brought in I was shocked at the number of students who wanted to bring in an animal (at least 10!). This has become a safety issue, for both students and animals. Despite the fact that an adult has to bring the animal we cannot have 10 or more animals in the room at the same time. We are trying to determine a solution to our problem. One of the options we are thinking about is splitting up students. I will give you more details when we make our decision.


It is cold outside! Please make sure that your child has the appropriate clothes. Thank you!


In reading we are researching debatable issues. Students are:
  • analyzing passages and identifying the claim/argument
  • debating
  • identifying relevant information that will support the claim/argument
  • annotating (thinking deeply) about passages
  • Looking at perspective
  • Summarizing the sides

Students will utilize what they have learned in reading to help them in writing.

We revisited our reading goals and it was discovered that students were not reading at home. We can't grow as readers if we don't read. Students have a reading log that they will fill out both at school and home. Our goal is for students to read at home and make progress on their books. Let me know if you have any questions.


Students are working on Unit 11, One is the Loneliest Number (mono, uni, sol).

Here is the word study schedule:

  • Monday - get new word study list. Read over the words and discuss their meanings
  • Tuesday - complete parts A and B
  • Wednesday - complete parts C and D
  • Thursday - complete E and F
  • Friday - go over answers and take the word study test for that unit


In math we are finishing topic 9 Adding and Subtracting Fractions. Students are:

  • Finding multiples and least common multiples
  • Finding common denominators
  • Adding fractions with unlike denominators
  • Subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
  • more adding and subtracting fractions
  • drawing a picture and writing an equation related to fractions

Should the weather cooperate, we will have our test on Wednesday, January 20th.

If your child has the oportunity at home, please encourage them to log onto www.xtramath.org to practice their math facts. Also, if possible, encourage them to log onto dreambox to complete a lesson. Dreambox presents lessons specifically for each student. It can be accessed by visiting dekalbcentral.net. Click on the media centers link then click on McKenney-Harrison. You can also click on the following link https://play.dreambox.com/login/sz5f/mckenneyharrisone

IF you have an ipad you can enter this school code:



Currently we are working on writing research-based argument essays. We have been discussing how schools are pushing to get kids to eat healthier. Students have been presented with the question as to whether or not schools should serve chocolate milk. We are reading about both sides and creating arguments to support thinking. Students are:

  • adding evidence to support their arguments
  • setting goals
  • using quotations to bolster their arguments
  • Using transitional PHRASES

Dates to Remember

  • 1/20 Hungry Howie's Night
  • 2/5 Bulldog showcase at 8:30
  • 2/12 Teacher In-Service (No School for Students)
  • 2/17 Hungry Howie's Night
  • 2/29-3/11 ISTEP+ Part 1 Window
  • 3/21-4/1 Spring Break (This may change due to cancellations)
  • 4/7-15 BOGO Book Fair
  • 4/18-5/6 ISTEP+ Part 2 Window

Specials Schedule

Monday - Music

Tuesday - Art

Thursday - Library

Friday - Gym