Martin Luther King Jr.

Aaleyhia Hernandez

Martin Luther King Jr. early life

Martin Luther King was born on January 29,1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.He later lived in Selma Alabama. His birth name was Michael King Jr., but they called him Martin Luther. His father’s name was Michael King. King was the second oldest child. He had a older sister and a younger brother.


When Martin Luther King Jr. was in High School he skipped ninth grade and twealth grade and then he went to college when he was 15 years old the college name is Boston Unaversaty.

Martin Luther Kings family and Death

His Family

It was During this time that Martin asked Coretta Scott to marry him that she thought that he was Joking,but he wasn't joking so they got married now they got four children.


Martin Luther King Jr. died by James Early Ray.James is in jail that Coretta Scott tried for many years to create a holiday for her husband.That when Martin Died people were so angry and upset.

MLK's Last Speech