8.05 Living

Original poem


We live our lives

Some feel they have triumphed

others just wallow

Some have no choice

they have to work hard

to make ends meet

They sacrifice everything


their hobbies

their lives

But when at the end of the day

was there a way out?

was there missed opportunities?

The people who triumph

are the ones that want something more

whether it be money or an education

they are not content

The people who triumph

are the ones who are dedicated

and determined

The wallowing

are the ones that feel sorry for themselves

and hang their head in defeat

when you look in a mirror

are you okay with what you see?

Did you triumph?

Did you truly live your life?

Multi paragraph explanation

When I write poetry I tend to think about the subject very little. I do this because, when i think about it for the first time I have a pencil in hand and all my ideas are being transferred onto my piece of paper. Then when I am done I have all original ideas left, that is when the editing phase begins. I then comb through the verses and lines that I don't think belong, along with taking out words and replacing them with more meaningful and powerful words. Finally, I add the title of the poem, because one can not simply know the title of something until they have come to know the whole thing for what it is itself.

This poem in particular, I thought about the book that I had read. That book being "Nickel and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich, i thought about what that book really focused on. I came to the conclusion that working hard was part of the message as well as living your live to the fullest and not taking time for granted. What it came down to for me was triumph and defeat. If a person had accepted their lives, yet were trying continuously to make it better that person would have triumphed. Living in defeat was if a person was content with the way they were living,yet they decided to wallow in their defeat and play the martyr so everyone would give them charity. I think a lot of it stems back to getting an education, because of the people that she met on her journey she noticed that little to none had an education, some because they couldn't afford it and some because they didn't even graduate high school.

When it all comes down to it, to write poetry there must be something behind the writing. A driving cause that sparks emotions inside the writers mind. Life in general should spark a writer because there is so many things that are worth writing about. On average there are 50,000-70,000 thoughts that run through a persons mind each day, at least one of those thoughts should make you laugh, get mad, inspire, or any other crazy emotion that seems to exist in the world. That is where the inspiration comes from, and once a person puts their thoughts on paper they are virtually unstoppable.

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