Indus River Civilization



The Social parts of The Indus River Valley are made up of language, work, and free time activities. There language and writing is San-script. They have a working system called the cast system. They spend their free-time farming, pottery and writing. They had more of free-time when they became better farmers.


The Government in the Indus River Valley. They where a monarchy and had only one ruler called a Rajah. Rajahs were elected by a group of warriors. There government was good because of the trade and the monarchy.


The Religion of the Indus River Valley. There religion is Polytheism and Hinduism. They believe that their . They believed in many gods and made statues to represent them. Their religion in the Indus River Valley.


The Intel in the Indus River Valley. The Intel mostly came from people called scribes. Boys where the only people at the time to get educated. They used there math and agriculture to build temples. The Indus River Valley Intel was very slim for some people.


The Technology in the Indus River Valley. They did not have a lot of technology there, but it made a big difference. They had canals to control the floods and the amount of water to the crops. They made their language called San- Script. Their technology and their people made a big difference.


The economics of the Indus River Valley. They traded for food by farming and making bricks. People in the valley had to trade for wood to make house because they did not have forests. The Indus River Valley and trade made good for them.