Rick Walker

By Brooke Chirichello

Rick Walker was just someone trying to get by, someone so upset with who he was and what is life was like that the only way to get all that anger out was, throwing rocks at stop signs and stealing things. His grandma was stolen from him when he was young, his grandma raised him but soon passed away. His mother left when he was only a baby, and his dad was never around. Rick believed and convinced himself that he was just a normal person, just plain inside and out, He couldn't see what he really was and who he was going to be, Until he met Lon Pelegero. Rick was unsure of Lon at first, mostly because anyone he ever had in his life left him alone so he was used to the disappointment, he was practically prone to it. Lon was different, Lon took him in because he knew there was a spark inside of Rick trying to burst out.


Responsibility, a word that rick never really knew the meaning of, Until lon told Rick to drive through the maze with lon in the car, he was stunned, mostly because no one ever really trusted Rick to be responsible. Lon also let Rick take care of the most important thing in the world to Lon, The birds. He fed them and cared for them day and night. When maverick flew too far, he helped find him not because he cared only for the birds, but because he cared so much for Lon and Lon did so much for him the right thing to do was to help, And he would never have a second thought about helping find maverick.