Beowulf Culminating Project

By: Spencer Rowe

Part 1

My personal would have to be my mom because of how well she come out of the challenges she has faced her whole life, including raising my sister and I virtually all alone. My mom is the one who gives me advice when I have needed it and has really he,led me through the sometimes tough ways of high school. It's great when I know I need help and although she may have other things she has to tend to, she comes to assist me with whatever I need first.

Part 2

1. "And then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on, and you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive, so when you feel like hope is gone, look inside you and be strong, and you'll finally see the truth, that a hero lies inside you." -Mariah Carey

2. I believe it's saying that you find a hero, and then realize that the same herois actually inside you, to convey to you that there is a grade if hero inside all of us.

3. In Beowulf, the hero is able to find the strength in himself to defeat the 2 momsters he has to face in the plot even with all of these challenges presented to him, like the fact that the momsters seemed to be on a much larger scale of size and strength.

4. I believe my mom shows the hero in herself because exhibits strength when she is taking care of us as a single mom, and still support us with all of the things we have. It may not be as blatant as the story itself, but it still shows what kind of figure she is.

Part 3

Deadly Battle-There are 3 of these in Beowulf, because Belwulf kills both Grendel and his mother, and gets slain by the dragon in these 3 important battles. In the plot line of Up (the movie), there is a "deadly" battle at the end when Karl kills the evil scientist Charles Muntz, because Karlvis trying to get back the rare bird in South America, and Charles is trying to kill it for research and prize.

Bravery-The fact that Beowulf was able to find the bravery to go and face off with these brutal monsters and other challenges that faced him along the way sometimes, shows great levels of this characteristic, and this is presented throughout the story by his decisions. On the other hand, in the movie Up, this is also shown in his choices such as making the trek to South America, and doing this the way he did. Also, going the enormous lengths to save the bird helped this cause also.

Fate-This theme is shown very prominently by the end of the story, where Beowulf bravery has also become his fate and curse. He has been overcome by his arrogance to a certain level, and this is why it is foreshadowed in the beginning before he goes off to duel, that he will succome to a tragic death. This is also a similar predicament in the movie, as fate is the factor that decides to take Karl and his wife's house, and land it in the picture where they had invisioned it their whole lives.