2nd Grade News

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What We Are Learning in ELA

  • We will be writing personal narratives about a small moment from our life!
  • We will be reading fractured fairy tales and writing them too!
  • We will be responding to non-fiction text and think about the author's purpose.
  • We will be responding on different characters and what the author is trying to teach us.
  • We will reflect on how we have grown as readers and writers!

What We Are Learning in Math and Science

  • We will be learning the life cycle of a butterfly!
  • We will be practicing putting objects into equal groups so that we can learn about multiplication and division.

Important Dates to Remember

Speed to Read Celebration at the Speedway

Tuesday, May 19th, 9am

3545 Lone Star Circle

Fort Worth, TX

We will be spending the morning watching car racing and celebrating reading!

Children's Author Laurence Pringle is Coming to Nance!

Wednesday, May 20th, 12:30pm

701 Tierra Vista Way

Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Pringle will spend the day with Nance students giving them "behind-the-scenes" details of the creation of great nonfiction books. Second grade will go from 12:40-1:25. Mr. Pringle will be selling his books in the library and will sign copies if you want your child to have one. Books run anywhere from $10.00-$17.00!

Field Day

Friday, May 29th, 8am

701 Tierra Vista Way

Fort Worth, TX

Field Day has been moved from the 22nd to the 29th due to possible rainy weather. Thanks for your understanding!

Guidance Lesson

The focus of our districts guidance lesson this month is on child/ sexual abuse. The topic of sexual abuse is of a sensitive nature and will be discussed with elementary students in terms of personal body safety. If you have any questions regarding the material covered, please feel free to contact Ms. Puliam our school counselor.