By Tenaja & Natalie

Why ?..

We chose ribosomes for out project because it looked interesting to learn about and that we wanted you guys to know a little more about ribosomes and what they really look like


  1. Ribosomes are the organelle in which amino acids are hooked together to make proteins.

Fact #1

ribosome is a cellular machine found in all organisms. It serves to convert the instructions found in messenger RNA (mRNA, which itself is made from instructions in DNA) into the chains of amino-acids that make up proteins. That is, the ribosome is responsible for the synthesis of proteins.


The ribosomes are the protein makers of the cell. They receive messages from the nucleus. The nucleus tells the ribosome what kinds of proteins to make and when to make them. There are two types of ribosomes: free ribosomes and bound

Play_Do !!!!

We made the play_do into a ball and then we cut it into a form that may look like a ribosomes. we froze it for 2 hours then we left it out over night .