By: Dawnyai Moua

John Pemberton's dream

The study of medicine was very interesting to John Pemberton. He went to college to study medicine. He always new that he wanted to make his own medicine.

How did they created it?

At first it was created to be a medicine, but when more and more people took it, people thought it was to good to be for headaches, in 1895 it became a soft drink.

When the company started?

In1855 they found a whole house and drug business, but it was stopped because of the civil war. In 1870 the business was brought back to Atlanta Georgia.

Other product from coke

Even if you don't dirnk coke you might drink some of products. Some other products that are form coke are Mello Yello, Miute Maid, Fanta, and many more

The was between coca-cola and Pepsi

Facts why coke is the best soft drink in the word.

1: It is sold in more than 200 countries

2: 1.7 billion servings of coke products are made.

3: It is bought every day all over the world

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John Pemberton time line

1831 John Pemberton was born on January 8.1850 John graduated from Reform medicine college. 1883 he got married to Ann. 1854 they had a son Charles Pemberton.1860 he found his company. 1885 formed a chemical company. 1888 he died on August 16.
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