The Sanskrit Language

History and Facts


Usually considered the mother of all languages, Sanskrit is one of the most popular Indian languages, while also being the official language of Hinduism. It has been said that Brahma created the Sanskrit language and introduced it to the sages of celestial bodies. Because of this, Sanskrit is also called Dev Vani, meaning “the language of the gods”. The earliest form of Sanskrit was Vedic Sanskrit which was used around 1500-200 BC.
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All 72 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet

Hinduism and Sanskrit

Hinduism probobly wouldn't be what it is today without Sanskrit. Many of the Hindu epics (such as the Bhagavad Gita) were originally written in Sanskrit. The meaning of the word "Sanskriti" is "Refinement" or Culture, which shows how long the language has existed and shaped the Hindu religion.
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This is the Bhagavad Gita, showing Krishna engouraging Arjuna

Did You Know...

97% of the worlds languages are influenced by Sanskrit?

Sanskrit in Modern Times

Although it's very old, Sanskrit is still being used today. In fact, NASA is considering making it the language their computers use since their is little room for error, while also having a larger range of vocabulary Many scientists believe that using Sanskrit with computers would "transform the world."

Did You Know...

Sanskrit isn't actually the oldest language in India. Te oldest language in India is Tamil.
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This is what it would look like if we used Sanskrit with computer keyboards.