Zoologist/Wildlife Biologist

By Amy Hunzinger


  • Annual salary $48797
  • Net salary $2823,32

What they do...

Zoologist/wildlife biologist work to increase the knowledge of wildlife species.Their work may include working with software to track population,or write articles on the test and research they do.Sometimes they work with other scientist to monitor effects of people on animals.There are many different types of specialist who study different things like, species,habitat,or behavior,

Where they work...

They might work in labs,offices,or outdoors.They also might work in the field getting data,which may require traveling to locations all over the world in different climates.It may be physically demanding.Most times they work full time or irregular hours(during fieldwork).


You at least need a bachelor's degree,a master's degree for a higher level in the work place.For independent research and for college teaching positions you will need a PhD.

Courses to take include ecology,anatomy,wildlife management,cellular biology.Other courses include botany, chemistry,physics,mathematics,statistics,and computer science.



  • Total cost $129900
  • Monthly payment $291

It has three bedrooms one and a half bathrooms.It looks small on the outside but it isn't. Has a large yard.

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  • Total cost $6495
  • Monthly payment $143

It is a used silver 2004 Lincoln LS.Has heating and air,also the seats are air conditions.

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