Strategies for the ELL Learner

Estrategias para el Aprendizaje ELL

Effective Strategies for All Learners

  • Post procedures and guidelines for your classroom
    Predictable Routines and Siginals
    Visual Scaffolding
    Realia Strategies
    Interactive Read-Aloud
    Advance Organizers
    Create frameworks for language success
    Group based on Skills
    Integrate Movement into the classroom
    Show how reading works
    Leveled questions
    Use objects to connect concepts
    Co-operative Learning
    Communication Games
    Use Bilingual books and labels
    Study different cultures
    Hands on Activities
    Create Visuals pictures
    Have students organize information into strategies
    Multi-media presentations
    Show visual while you talk
    Word Walls
    Story Reenactment
    Writing Workshop
    Build on Experience
    Peer Tutoring
    Acquire Self Help skills

ELA Strategies

  • Vocabulary cards
    Word Walls
    Demonstrations and drawings
    Re-write/Rephrase Texts in simple form
    Extended time
    Use of Cartoons/Graphic organizers when taking notes
    Journal writing
    Library of supplemental resources
    Use multi-media
    Alternatives to group projects
    Use grading rubrics
    Label projects and have books in native language

Science Strategies

  • Model techniques that you want to use
    Repeat directions
    Use demonstrations and drawings to build relationships
    Alternative methods to completing assignments
    Avoid timed writing
    Provide chunk-ed reading assignments
    Provide study-guides
    Student made glossaries

Math Strategies

Personal Glossaries prepared by students

Library of supplementary references

Visuals and Manipulatives

Number games that reinforce content

Structured Study Guides

Label classroom objects in native language

Highlight mathematicians from all countries

Post procedures and schedules

Social Studies Strategies

Text available in native language

Personal glossaries

Library of supplementary references

Visuals such as graphic organizers, charts, slides

Word Walls

Word Banks

Vocabulary games


Taped books

Study guides

Text substitutions

Provide music, posters, and print that is culturally relevant