Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key

Theme; Everybody can Change Themselves

Figurative Languge

1." Like a rat in a maze."(Simile)

2."Like a monkey in a coconut tree"(Simile)

3."Like an elephant kneeling down on one knee."(Simile)


Thursday, Oct. 23rd, 9pm

Pipestone, MN, United States

Pipestone, MN

A kid named Joey Pigza is wild and crazy without his meds. He even cut of a girls nose! He does stuff that just pops into his head. He wants to be good but he is wired and can't help it.


Favorite Part

My favorite part is when Joey covered himself in Band-Aids. He just loves Band-Aids. He put them all over his chest and the doctor thought he had been abused.

Kendra Folkerts

8/10. I would read more of the Joey series.