I Want That Job

See what all a diver does for you!

What a diver does

A diver does multiple things, they could film underwater animals such as sea turtles, sharks, fish ect. They can rig underwater explosives so someone can build something in the water. They help build underwater sturctures. And when a big boat sinks, they will go down into the boat and salvage anything and everything they can get their hands on.

Cool facts about this job!

There are many cool things about this job, they get to see amazin animals that almost no one has ever seen before. They get to see the aftermath when a boat sinks (Titanic). And plus, they get to swim all day long!!

Most known shots in diving

Great way to have fun with your job!

Some people ask do you need to get in shape for diving. And you need to get in great shpe for diving, with jumping in the water just right,or being able to fit in tight places.