CTE First Grade News

Week of February 8


First-grade teachers are asking for help!

Students have been learning about coins at school the past week and need to continue practicing at home with real coins.

Students need to be able to identify pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. Students also need to be able to add a collection of pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Upcoming Events

February 9- 100th day of school, dress like you're 100 years old.

February 15- NO SCHOOL

March 8-12- Spring Break

March 15- NO SCHOOL, Professional Development


We will NOT have a Valentine's Day party this school year.

Students are allowed to bring cards/treats to pass out to the class on February 12th.

Spelling CHANGE!

First grade is moving to a new system to test students in spelling.

Students will NOT have a weekly spelling test or spelling list sent home each week.


Students will be tested on spelling words every few weeks during their reading group. The words students are tested on will be appropriate for their level.

Students will have a Word Work document in their take-home folder.

First, students will practice sorting the words into categories.

Then, students should practice writing the words.

This will give a more accurate assessment of the phonetic abilities of each student.


Students need to have a good set of headphones to use at school. Check with your student to see if theirs are working, if not please send a new set into school.

Thank you!

Classroom Wishlists

If you would like to help your student's classroom with extra supplies for our school year, you can find their classroom wishlist below. Click on the button to open the link.