Computer Tech in the Real World

by Emma Wood

At Work

Skills learned in Computer Technology classes can be used at work in a multitude of ways. Programs such as PowerPoint and Prezi, as well as the presentation skills you learn alongside each program, help you to communicate ideas to the rest of your corporation. Spreadsheets are also very useful when trying to create tables for data in order to see how your business is doing.

At Home

Entertainment, homework, organization, the list goes on and on as to what Computer Technology can be used for at home. Spreadsheets are excellent ways to make lists and keep track of a budget, while knowing just the right way to Google a subject can help you get that research paper done before your favorite TV show comes on.
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For Communication

Someday, you may find yourself having to write a formal letter or e-mail, whether it be to a boss, a business, or even a senate member. Knowing how to write a letter or communicate formally in any case is incredibly important to a successful future. In Computer Technology, you learn not only how to write professional letters, but also how to create formal reports and communicate in many other ways.