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Nematocyst: A Short Description

What A Nematocyst Is!
  • A specialized cell under the phylum Cnidae.

What A Nematocyst Does!
  • Used as a medium of Capturing/Immobilizing/Killing prey.

What A Nematocyst Looks Like!

  • Encompassed by an ovular shell, which has string-like hairs surrounding the cell, and has a very long, and thin thread that surrounds it externally.

Where A Nematocyst is Located/Produced!

  • Nematocysts are made within Nematoblasts, and charged Nematocysts are housed in a Nematocyte.
  • A Nematocyst may be located within the tentacles of a jellyfish, or also be located within the gastric filaments of a jellyfish.

How A Nematocyst Strikes/Attacks Prey!

  • Since Nematocysts are generally within organisms that don't have teeth, these organisms have to use Nematocysts to protect themselves, and attack their enemies.
  • Organisms capture their prey with their tentacles, and discharge Nematocysts through them immobilizing prey.
  • Organisms extend threads that are part of the Nematocysts into their enemies, and excrete toxins that can be lethal.
  • Organisms that touch their prey with their stinging Nematocyst tentacles, can paralyze them for a short period, so they can have time to release the finishing blow.

How/What Will Happen If A Nematocyst Is Damaged!

  • If the Nematoblasts that continually produce Nematocysts are destroyed, there will simply be no more production of Nematocysts
  • If Nematocysts are no longer produced, then the organism no longer has any means to protect itself, and will be killed or eaten.

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