A Zombie World

By: Rachel Pugh


My story takes place in New York City post apocalyptic because the worlds cell phones have all vanished. Ace the main character has a secret - that if anyone ever finds out she might be sent to a lab and taken apart piece by bloody piece. This amazing women is not only lonely but she is frightened of herself and her ability. Is this a curse or will Ace be able to overcome her fear and save the worlds teens from becoming mindless zombies forever? This short story will test your will to turn to the next page and witness the true story of heroism by a small bar waitress with the will to save the world from destruction.


I live in a small town in Iowa. I love to read, write, listen to music, and take long walks around my hometown late at night. I can't live without chocolate milk, books, my pets, and music. I enjoy learning about sharks, ocean life, long walks on the beach, horseback riding, and playing with my dog.