Michael Jackson

Who is the pale king?

Michael Jackson's start of career

Michael Jackson aka MJ started off as the lead singer in his family's Motown's group known as the Jackson 5. His 5 brothers Tito, Jermaine, and Jackie. MJ joined them at the age of 5, then after that MJ's oldest brother Marlon joined, which became the Jackson 5.

MJ's album's, songs, awards

MJ's albums were "Got to Be There," Ben," "Music and Me," "Forever, Michael," "Off the Wall," "Thriller," "Bad," Dangerous," "Remember the Time," "History- Past, Present and Future," "Blood on the Dance Floor," and "History on Flims." MJ's song "Ben" became No. 1 single in 1972. In 1982 "Thriller" generated seven "Top 10 hits, and became the best-selling album in history. "Beat it" became a No. 1 hit. MJ's "Don't Stop till you get Enough" was a grammy-award winning single. "Thriller" got 12 Grammy Award nominations and got eight wins, both records.

MJ's horrible accident

In 1983 MJ signed to a $5 million endorsment deal with PepsiCo in 1983, while shooting the comercial MJ was badly injured in the shooting for the comercial in 1984, and had suffering burns to his face, and his scalp. MJ had to have surgery to fix his injuries, which led him to plastic sugery to his face, and especially his nose.

MJ's death

June 25th 2009 MJ suffered a cardiac arrest in his home in Los Angeles, he was immediately rushed to the hospital after his heart stopped and CPR attemps failed, MJ died later that morning. He was only 50 years old. In February of 2010 MJ's cause of death was released, it was from acute propofol intoxication wich means an overdose by a lethal prescription drug cocktail, which is the sedatives midazolam, diazepam and lidocaine which Dr. Conrad Murray, perscribed to him it was suppose to help MJ sleep at night.

Michael Jackson's Thriller

"I'm happy to be alive, I'm happy to be who I am." - Michael Jackson