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Mrs. Myerson's Classroom News - Week of September 19th

A Note from Mrs. Myerson

Students will now be asked to complete TWO homework sheets a night, except Fridays. Please assist with homework, if necessary.

Students Spelling and Sight words will be written in their agendas each Monday. They can use those words to complete both their Spelling 3 times each homework and their Spelling Sentences homework.

This Week

Spelling Words: if, is, him, rip, fit, pin

Sight Words: for, what, have, he, look, too

Phonics: Short /i/, Consonants r, h, /z/s, b, g

Possessive Nouns

Vocabulary Strategies: Context Clues

Listening Comprehension, Understanding Characters, Inferring and Predicting, Realistic Fiction

Writing: Writing Good Sentences, Using Capital Letters, Punctuation and Finger Spacing, Identify Types of Sentences (Asking, Telling, Exclamation)

Math: Adding-to Using Pictures, Problem Solving (Using Models to Solve Addition Problems), Adding Zero

Social Studies: Cooperation and Conflict, Rules at Home, School and Community, Making Good Choices

Weekly Assessments

Citizenship/Rules Quiz (Social Studies)

Writing Numbers 1-30 Quiz
School Rules Sort (Social Studies) AA

Parts of an Addition Number Sentence (labeling) AA
Spelling/Sight Word Test
Vocabulary Quiz

Important Reminders

Cherrydale Fundraiser- Support our school and students with our annual Cherrydale Fundraiser! Orders must be in by October 3rd!

Class Dojo - Don't forget to sign up for Class Dojo! Sign up codes were sent home. Let me know if you need another access code.

Parent Portal - If you haven't done so, please sign up for the Parent Portal to get access to your child's grades and report cards!

Upcoming Dates and Events!

Ned Yo-Yo Sales Begin!

Thursday, Sep. 22nd, 9am

361 East Grant Avenue

Vineland, NJ

See information sheet for prices!

Mennies Spirit Day!

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 9am

Dr William Mennies Elementary, Vineland, NJ, United States

Vineland, NJ

Students may wear their Mennies T-Shirt with appropriate uniform bottoms.

Meet Mrs. Myerson!

I am a wife, a "mommy-to-be", and I have a lab-pit doggy named Chance! I love to read, dance, sing, be creative, organize, decorate, and spend time with my family and friends! I am an 9th year teacher in the Vineland Schools, and truly passionate about my job! Making learning fun for my students and sparking their curiosity is what I'm all about.