Cyber bullying

Stop cyber bullying

what does cyber bullying mean

Cyber bullying means that now bullying is also taking place in the internet with people using social networks to say mean things about people or threaten them. This way of bullying is much easier because you don’t have to face the person or type your name so nobody can identify you that easily. Still doesn't mean its not as hurtful or painful to do bullying this way.

tips on how to prevent being a cyber bully or do it to someone else

  1. Don’t post mean comments about other people
  2. Don’t join in on people attacking a person online
  3. If you receive any cyber bullying messages tell a grown up immediately
  4. Make sure not to be the person that is cyber bullying someone
  5. Remember that the person on the other side of the computer screen cannot see your body language or expression and either cant the cyber bully
  6. If you wouldn't treat someone mean in real life don’t do it on the internet