God's not Power Hungry !

Praise and worship is not for God….

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Praise and Worship is not for God, it's for us ....

When God instructs us to praise him, worship him, and constantly declare his lordship, it's not because he is some power hungry dictator or god who gets a high when we tell him how good and powerful he is .God knows who he is and he doesn't need a constant reminder to be himself. We don't think too highly of people here on earth who are always seeking praise.

Praise and worship and the declaration of his lordship are meant for us, to preserve the perception of who he is in our eyes and in our hearts . It's a constant reminder to us of who he is , his love, his power and ability to comfort and save us when we need him most.

Praise ,worship and the constant declaration of his lordship ,build our faith in who he is and he will manifest himself only to the extent that we perceive him . If you perceive him as merciful then he will be merciful, if you perceive him as powerful then he will be powerful on your behalf .

The bible describes Abrahams faith as being strengthened in faith as he gave glory to God because he believed that God could bring dead things to life again ( Romans 4:20).He brought Sarah's dead womb back to life .

Declaring Jesus as lord means there is no greater power than his and he has the final say in all things . Since he and his word are one ( John 1:1) ,that means his word will be final in our lives and no other force on the face of the universe ,in heaven or hell is more powerful .

Paul said, "that I may know Him [experientially, becoming more thoroughly acquainted with Him, understanding the remarkable wonders of His Person more completely] and [in that same way experience] the power of His resurrection [which overflows and is active in believers]..."(Philippians 3:10 Amplified version)

Our perception of him determines his manifestation in our lives .

God was trying to straighten Israel's perception of him with all the names he was given in the old testament . He wanted them to see him as "Rapha"( Healer), "Rohi" ( Shepherd or the one who directs ), "Jireh"(Provider) and so much more .

When we go on singing about the names of God in our local assemblies , it doesn't make him any bigger or smaller than he is . It doesn't add to him but rather he gets bigger in our eyes until he's the only thing we see. Bigger than the failure,sickness ,disease or poverty .

As we praise , worship and declare his lordship ,faith begins to well up in our hearts and it's our faith in him that pleases him (Hebrews11:4) not just our praise and worship. .

Adeola Fam

Wife,mother,entrepreneur,designer,up-cycler,public speaker, writer, and life learner.

Adeola is a lover of God and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She loves to inspire faith and help other believers develop a genuine grace filled walk with God.

she is married to Oluwole Famurewa and they are blessed with a wonderful daughter , Morountodun Famurewa.