Cystic fibrosis

C.F. has an. Autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance.

Definition and causes of disorder

Dr.Dorothy Hansine Anderson discovered the disorder back in 1936.

The Swiss pediatrician Guido fanconi first names the disease in 1936.

The disorder I causes by having two faulty copies of CF TR gene (inherited from your parents)

The body & how it's affected

- The lungs & respitory system: thick & sticky mucus that traps bacteria. That will cause perment lung damage!

- Bronchiectasis: permanent lung damage

- Pancreas & digestive system : effects the way the pancreas works and it's extremely hard for children to absorb nutrients from food.

Parts of the body that are affected : sweat glands, respiratory system, digestive system, & reproductive system.

This disorder is rare. We have a average of 20k to 200k cases per year.

Treatment and Research Outlook

treatment and research outlook

What diagnostic tests are done:

1. Sweat test

2. Genetic testing

Testing after diagnosis:

  1. Imaging tests
  2. lung function test
  3. Sputum culture
  4. organ function test


  • Antibiotics
  • Bronchodilators
  • anticholinergic
  • DNase
  • muncolytics
  • Membrane stabilizers

(just to name a few)


  • Respiratory therapy
  • Digestive therapy

Current research:

  • Medical researchers are looking at gene transfer therapy it involves introducing healthy genes into the lung cells of people who have cystic fibrosis