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The 411 from 700 Gulf Road

May 11th to May 15th

Happy Tuesday!!!! This starts the fifth week of the fourth quarter.

This week would have been an environmental magic show pm assembly schedule, a tornado drill and the 7th grade field trip to Greenfield Village in Michigan.

I meet with the staff every Friday via zoom and this past week they noticed a drop off in work received. Please make sure that you are staying up on your classwork. now is the time when burnout starts to set in. We need to power through this and keep working hard.We are almost to the finish line, don't stop now.

If at any time you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to myself or Mr. Grossman. We understand that these can be difficult times and are here to help in anyway needed.

Locker Cleanout

We have finally scheduled the locker clean out and final walk through for the students.

Sixth grade will be on Tuesday, May 26th from 9:00 -3:00.

Seventh grade will be on Wednesday, May 27th from 9:00 -3:00.

Eighth grade will be on Thursday, May 28th from 9:00 -3:00.

Only students will be allowed in the building and masks must be worn. There will be a letter and a sign up sheet coming at the beginning of next week.

Where are the grades?

I have received a few emails about grades not being put in PowerSchool. The grades are there, you just have to did a little deeper. When you see the main screen that shows all the quarters and the grades, the fourth quarter should have a blank or a lowercase i, it looks like the incredibles i. When you click on that "i" it will show the list of assignments. Look under the grade columns and there will either be a "P" or an "I". If you have any questions, please reach out to the teacher.

Virtual Office Hours

Just a reminder that our staff members will be available during the day to answer questions and help students. This can take on many forms like participating in Zoom rooms, connecting on Google classroom, sharing information on google docs, etc. Below is a list of the times they are having "office hours". If your student or you have questions outside these hours, please feel free to email them as all staff will be checking email multiple times throughout the day.

Name followed by office hours

Mrs. Adams 12-2

Ms. Aguinaga 9 -11

Mr. Arno 10-12

Mrs. Banjoff 10-12

Mr. Basinski 8-10

Mr. Behrendt 10-12

Miss Bevelacqua 10-12

Mr. Black 12-2

Mr. Bloomfield 12-2

Mr.. Burnett 9-11

Mrs. Chachko 9-11

Mr. Chizmar 8-10

Mr. Cseh 10-12

Miss Davis 12-2

Mr. Diedrick 10-12

Mr. Grossman 8-10

Miss Jahnigen 11-1

Mrs. Johnson 9-11

Mr. Kemmett 10-12

Mrs. Kolenda 2-4

Mrs. Kopp 10-12

Mr. Kostalnick 9-11

Mrs. Kothe 8-10

Mrs. Krysinski 12-2

Mrs. Lawrence 11-1

Mrs. Manion 10-12

Mrs. Marzec 8-10

Mr. McGeehen 10-12

Mrs. Montgomery 10-12

Mrs. Null 9-11

Mrs. Price 10-12

Mr. Quinn 8-10

Ms. Russell 11-1

Miss Saddler 1-3

Mr. Smith 10-12

Mrs. Tessaro 10-12

Mrs. VK 8-10

Mrs. Ward 8-9, 1-2

Mrs. Williams 2-4

Mr. Wise 10-12

Mrs. Yearley 12-2

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we going back to school in the fall?

If Governor DeWine say we can, we will.

Any word on an awards ceremony?

Yes, we are looking at having a virtual awards night. We have to pick a date and time with our camera man.

When will we find out the teachers at the new Northwood?

Most likely by mid-June.

Are they handing our computers again?

I was there today and I believe that this was the last day. If there is a need, they will come back. Two weeks ago we did close to 300 computer. Today we only did 73.

What do I do if I emailed a teacher and did not get a response?

Please email me. I will reach out to the teacher. I am surprised by this because usually our teachers get back to parents by the next day.

Expanded Food Service Hours

Aramark Food Service and Elyria Schools are providing free meals to all children 18 years and younger on Tuesdays and Thursdays according to the schedule listed here: