Lineville Tecnology

By : Evan Cumbers


We did our itrailer on family or friends.

For this project we could be creative and do it on what we want.

You could make it romantic or superhero style.

Explain Everything

In this project we had to make a math problem and solve it.

Explain Everything is an app that is used for drawing and typing.

We could also put picture in that retaliates to our topic.

Hakiu Deck

In Hakiu Deck we wrote about our dream job.

We had to present the project in class,to get a good grade we had to look at our sheet.

Our project had to be at least 10 slides long


In coding we put certain blocks in certain places to get the game player to move.

Coding is a very fun thing to do when you get into it.

Almost everyone got a four, they got past stage nine or ten.

Career Locker

In career locker you can find different kind of jobs you can see what the get for working or you could see what you need to get the job.

You can see the certain salary prices for earnings and more about what they do.

Also you can see how many people have that job, and what collages offer it.

Learn to Type/Typing Web

For learn to type we learned how to type correctly and what hand to use at a certain time.

We had a 5 minute typing warm up every morning.

If we wanted to be a tip top typist we needed to do things right.