Volume 1 Issue 2

Twitter Test Drive

Twitter is a great way to find new resources and activities for your classroom, and here is a great way to test drive twitter without becoming a user.

First, let's start with a little background help (you can find more info on this cheatsheet). Twitter users often add hashtags (#example) to their post in order to categorize it. Below are few examples. (For a great list of educational hashtags, check out this page)

  • #Chemchat - Chemistry resources
  • #3rdchat - 3rd grade resources
  • #edtech - Educational Technology
  • #rangers - information about the Texas Rangers (and sometimes that hockey team up north, depending on the season)

So now that you've got the idea - Just go to the twitter search page and enter in the hastag that interest you, and you will see all the posts, people, and resources related to that topic. (*NOTE* - It's a good practice not to live search in front of students, for the same reasons you shouldn't live search Google, Bing, Yahoo! or anything else)

As you use twitter more, you may decide to create your own account, follow people that you've found through hashtag searches, and share back to the community through retweets and even posting your own ideas and resources!

Technology Rockstars for November/December/January

Be sure to congratulate you Campus Rockstars!

REL - Melinda Tefteller/Bethany Huskey/Brynlea Cunniff/Terrie Rambo

JT - Paula Fears/James Slaughter/Rebecca Arrington/Linda Boyter

Boulter - Janet Bruce/Jennifer Olivares

Dogan - Elizabeth Correll/Yolanda Wade

Hogg - Leah Huffstetter/Morgan Goodnight

Hubbard - Michael Fiske/Marta Frey/Jacob Payne/Brad Lampton

Moore -Teresa Easterling/Wesley Shaw/Brian Persinger/Jennifer Sheffield

Stewart - Lynne Reddic/Christolyn Milligan

Austin - Ginger Pratt/Lourdes Riggs

Bell - Megan Conklin/Amelyza Powell

Bonner - Camille Moore

Birdwell - Christy Browning/Kathleen Ellis

Clarkston - Ila England/Cindy Dempsey

Dixie - Wheeler Jones/Susi Savage

Douglas - Catherine Lengua/Brianna Mettlen

Owens - Pam Gilmore/Tara Jeffers

Caldwell - Emily Epperson/Jennifer Blankenship

Griffin - Amanda Stockdale/Martha Ramirez

Jones - Elyse Edwards/Whitney Lamonte

Orr - Lawanda Meeks/Sharon Mosely

Peete - Jose Graciano

Ramey - Candace Dubose/Rafael Tomas

Rice - Jennifer Alden

Woods - Gail Vannoy/Karen Hendrick

Jack - Brenda Green/Kim Kill

Boshears - Amy Mahurin/Julie Danielson

Pace - Mark Johnson/Susan Ellis

Plyler - Pennie McKeller/Pam Rader

Target - Amanda Baker/Patricia Cooper

St. Louis ECC - Theresa Moore/Maria del Carmen Martinez