Electrostatic Printers

Electrostatic printers are generally used for large format printing and are used more for larger printing shops because of their ability to print fast and it results low cost. Even though it costs less to print the equipment is very expensive. Electrostatic printing is the pioneering technology that led to the making of the large format digital printing technology today. This helps many different people for different reasons.

Electrostatic Printing

Electrostatic printing is a printing technique done without ink. The paper is coated with a thin layer of zinc oxide, making it an insulator in the dark and simultaneously a conductor of electricity when exposed to light.
Operation Principle of Laser Printer

Application of Electrostatic Printing

Electrostatic printers are used in different industries for its short printing time. They are popular for photocopying both black and white as well as coloured documents, pictures, and various other things.