4th Grade MOSAIC

Marble Run Guidelines

-Marble Run will be due October 2nd.

-You child may need to be driven to school with their marble run that day.

-Marble Run must be created entirely out of cardboard or other recyclable materials.

-A standard sized marble will be used for demonstrations.

-Marble Run must be tested and proven to work.

-Marble must be able to travel continuously from start to finish without interference.

-Marble Run must be a manageable size for transport-size restrictions of 24" x 24"

-Marble Run must show critical thinking and creativity.

Goal Setting Conferences

Conferences will be the evenings of October 8th and 13th. They will also be held during the day on October 9th. These will be goal setting conferences. Please bring your child so that we can set goals and take a look at your child's data binder.

Cardboard Challenge Showcase

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 2-2:45pm

13708 Holly Road

Eden Prairie, MN

Come and see the cardboard creations of 4th and 5th grade! You may take your child and their project home after the showcase on Friday.

MOSAIC Book Club

Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 3-4:30pm

13708 Holly Road

Eden Prairie, MN

Choose between Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library and Book Scavenger.