How Disney Does It

By: Hayden Jones

How the movie Cars turned into a theme park

The movie Cars has been a cash flow for Disney, so why not make it a theme park attraction? The movie Cars has gotten so much love that when they opened the Cars race track, people fell in love instantly. Disney has never gotten so much interest in a movie that was made into a attraction (other than Cinderella's castle). The one rule for this ride is to always have fun and keep your imagination running wild.

The layout

The layout of the Cars attraction is specified to make the guests happy with their Disneyland experience. They have it planned out to the tee to make sure that the guests get the most out of the Cars rides. Disneyland has different lands that's relevant to the area that they are in. Whether it is the Cinderella rides or the toy story rides they are specified for the guest's enjoyment.

The Characters and Their Role In Disney

The characters have always been a great part in the visit to Disneyland. They make the magic come alive to the guests and make the guests happy.These characters are ionic to the Disney franchise. They make the magic come alive by living on the outside of a silver-screen. They add a modern twist to the Disneyland when they incorporate the new music and movies into their "real" life.