World Religions Project:Islam

By Hang Tung and Timothy Ramos

What is the most important belief in Islam?

There is only one god, Allah.

Why do Islam believe in that?

They believe that he is the creator of them.

What makes the believers of Islam want to follow its teaching or the teachings of its prophets?

They want to follow it because they believe that Allah is the only one that could save them and the only one that could make miracle happen.

How does Islam justify its action against nonbelievers?

They justify with war and Muslims who do not join the fight are called hypocrites. They are warned that Allah will send them to hell.

Current event

IsIs are a dangerous group. They killed people and doesn't really care about anyone but themselves. It is a negative consequences to its followers because they are paying for what the group does.


The black stone, it is important because they believe that it was sent down from Allah.


I found the song on youtube and it doesn't have any lyrics. In my opinion from just watching the video, I think the video is trying to say that anyone who have a soul will die. The video shows of a guy who died from a car accident. He was smoking before. The song is related to the religion because it shows just because you believe in god, that doesn't mean you will live for a long time.
Beautiful Islamic Arabic ᴴᴰ song with a Heart Touching Video ( this will make you cry ) 2014


There are two official holidays in islam: Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Eid Al-Fitr(eed-all-fiter) is when the Muzlims have a great feast after ramadan (the month of fasting). Eid Al-Adha (eed-alada) is the tenth day of Dhu al-Hijjah (dull-hij-ah) and the last four days, when animals are sacrificed and their meat is distributed among family, friends, and even the poor.